Emma Whitlock is an award winning film maker who specialises in high end factual programmes, documentaries and current affairs driven by strong narratives and underpinned by journalistic rigour. She is an experienced team leader, gets the best out of presenters, and has the intellect to turn challenging subjects into gripping television.

Border Country: The Story of Britain's Lost Middleland

BBC2 On the eve of the Scottish referendum, this series invites us to look at the history of Britain with new eyes.

borderIn these two films, former diplomat Rory Stewart revisits the history of the border between Scotland and England, and evokes the forgotten 'Middleland', the once unified territory of the Lake District, Pennines and lowland Scotland which has its own hidden culture and identity. Rory argues that the building of Hadrian's Wall was a defining moment in our history, creating a division that has never healed, and that we are still paying the price for Rome's capricious military strategy. Rory takes us on a whirlwind tour of the border region, visiting Cumbrian shepherds, monks, eccentric aristocrats and descendants of the notorious border reivers. And he draws on his personal experience as diplomat and traveller in Iraq and Afghanistan to shed a completely new light on our island story.

“Rory Stewart's Border Country was excellent. It was in depth, made by someone who knew his subject backwards, and beautifully put together.”
David Attenborough

Series Producer: Emma Whitlock
Executive Producer: Chris Granlund

Genius Of Britain – A Five Part Series On Channel 4

IWC logo Extraordinary stories of human endeavour told by Britain’s best loved scientists.

On location with Richard Dawkins
Emma on location with Richard Dawkins
In a series of five exceptional films Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, David Attenborough, James Dyson, Robert Winston and others guide us through the history of British science with humour and attitude.

Evolution – steam power – atomic energy – the computer. British science has made a major contribution to the modern world. The nation's most celebrated scientists and innovators tell the stories of the men and women whose flashes of genius transformed our world.

This series is about character and conflict, rivalry and obsession. These are stories of fearless men and women who push boundaries – who inject themselves with deadly infections, drink poison, blow themselves up and steal corpses from graves – all in the name of science.

Filming Richard Attenborough
Emma on location with David Attenborough
The eccentric Robert Hooke whose microscope opened up a hitherto invisible world. The sinister surgeon John Hunter whose pioneering dissections paved the way for modern surgery. The morose James Watt whose steam engine brought power to the world. The flirtatious Edmund Halley who sparred with pirates on the high seas, the diffident and gentlemanly Charles Darwin, the tragic Alan Turing, and many more.

“Utterly splendid” Observer
““An intelligent but accessible account of the lives of men and women who had shaped the course of history” The Guardian
“Brilliant...this smart, tightly scripted production does a fine job celebrating British ingenuity. More please” Times
Compelling and educational” The Daily Mail
“Impressive...fascinating” The Independent

Commissioning Editor: David Glover
Series Editor: Emma Whitlock


How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring

Mishal Husain meets the people behind the headlines who changed the Arab world forever

Mishal Husain meets the people behind the headlines who changed the Arab world forever

In this dramatic two part series Mishal Husain goes in search of the young activists across the Arab world who overcame their fear and took to the streets to protest against the brutality of their governments. She shows how they used technology to outsmart the authorities and she meets the young people in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya whose protests led to full scale revolution.

For the first time ever world changing events were recorded as they happened by the man and woman on the street, whose weapons weren't guns and bombs, but their laptops and mobile phones.

Libyans using the internetr
Libyans using the internet

In the second film Husain travels to other parts of the Arab world where the struggle is still going on. She challenges the Bahraini government about its brutal crackdown and she meets Syrian activists who are engaged in a cyberwar with their government. They continue to risk their lives to get video footage of massacres to the wider world, while the Syrian regime fights back, torturing mobile phone users and shutting down the internet.

“An absolutely gripping story...razor sharp” The Mirror
“Fascinating and moving” The Independent
“A joy” The Guardian

Series Producer: Emma Whitlock
Executive Producer: Darren Kemp
Tx September 2011

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